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I am a painter who uses both traditional and non-traditional materials. Hand motifs have been a core feature in my work, appearing in a variety of contexts, such as dialogue, memories, and community. What I always aim to do is to look at the true nature of things.

Rather than accept that something must be a certain way, I contend that another way may be equally fine. For example, losing a loved one or caring for someone with an unconventional condition can often be an eye-opener and lead to a changed perspective. Something that is a departure from normal status in mainstream society may be dominant in another world. I question arbitrary confines or limitations and challenge accepted norms in my works. Subtle hints in my works aim to raise audiences’ awareness of a subject.

My experience as a print graphic designer is intertwined with my work as an artist, giving a poster-like quality to some of my art. Knowing the printing process allows me to see the world through its techniques and encourages me to reproduce themes using different output methods. Also, becoming familiar with limited page areas influences me to work on artworks in a wide variety of shapes and materials. I believe in the potential of any material to be used for artistic purposes and for any size or type of art to be viable. I continue to explore new possibilities as well as remain open to new themes.